Apple iPhone 5s-Safari

The iPhone’s rear camera is one of the best on the market, but its front-facing camera hasn’t gotten much love recently. That may finally change thanks to a rumored deal between Apple and Sony, which already supplies the iPhone’s rear camera sensor. Japanese site Nikkei reports that the two companies recently began negotiations over the prospect of doubling its current order of camera components.

Plans to increase camera sensor production have reportedly been in the works since last month when Sony spent 35 billion yen on a new factory to increase its own production, a source involved in the negotiations told Nikkei. The new facility will reportedly boost total production by just 25 percent, which should be enough to meet Apple’s increasing requirements.

Based on Nikkei’s report, the new batch of sensors won’t be ready until early next year, meaning the upcoming iPhone 6 will likely ship with the same old OmniVision sensor in the front. With any luck we’ll see the new front-facing cameras debut with the iPhone 6s. This time the “s” will stand for selfie.