Apple has tapped security firm Kaspersky for advice on keeping OS X as secure as possible. While most consumers believe that Apple’s computers are less vulnerable to viruses and malware than Windows-powered machines, Kaspersky warns that OS X is quite open to attacks. “Mac OS is really vulnerable and Apple recently invited us to improve its security,” Kaspersky’s chief technology officer Nikolai Grebennikov said recently. “We’ve begun an analysis of its vulnerabilities, and the malware targeting it.” Apple reportedly approached the security company after 700,000 Macs were infected with malware called “Flashback.” Apple has been fighting Flashback since earlier this year and released a software update in April to battle the Java-based malware.


The following statement, in which Kaspersky denies being tapped by Apple, was provided to Engadget:

On Monday, April 14, published an article titled “Apple OS ‘really vulnerable’ claims Kaspersky Lab CTO” that includes an inaccurate quote regarding Apple and Kaspersky Lab. The article reports that Kaspersky Lab had “begun the process of analyzing the Mac OS platform at Apple’s request” to identify vulnerabilities. This statement was taken out of context by the magazine – Apple did not invite or solicit Kaspersky Lab’s assistance in analyzing the Mac OS X platform. Kaspersky Lab has contacted to correct its article.

Please refer to the statement below from Nikolay Grebennikov, Chief Technology Officer, Kaspersky Lab, which clarifies this misrepresentation:

“As Mac OS X market share continues to increase, we expect cyber-criminals to continue to develop new types of malware and attack methods. In order to meet these new threats, Kaspersky Lab has been conducting an in-depth analysis of Mac OS X vulnerabilities and new forms of malware.

This security analysis of Mac OS X was conducted independently of Apple; however, Apple is open to collaborating with us regarding new Mac OS X vulnerabilities and malware that we identify during our analysis. Kaspersky Lab is committed to providing the highest level of security for all of our customers, including Mac OS X, and we will continue to enhance our technologies in order to meet the ever-changing threat landscape. “

[via TNW]