The ‘Switch to iPhone’ campaign is receiving a boost. Beginning this week, two new ads will roll out on television and social media encouraging owners of Android devices (or any other type of smartphone) to make the jump to Apple’s ecosystem.

First up, Apple compares the difference between its App Store and Google Play. When a woman is opening an app (represented by a box) from Google’s digital store, it ends up exploding with blue-colored dye getting all over her. After stepping over to the App Store, the other section continues exploding and the shelve even falls down. Apple is, of course, pointing out the App Store’s reliability.

In the other ad, Portrait mode on the iPhone is showcased as being unbeatable. Two women are trying to take “studio-quality portraits without the studio” but only Apple’s product can handly doing so. When the woman with an Android device gives up, she moves over to the iPhone and enjoys stunning shots from Portrait mode.

Both ads come in at 15 seconds in length, which is all Apple needs to make its point.

iPhone — App Store

iPhone — Portraits

When the last round of ads appeared, Google didn’t have any type of response. But maybe the growing number of shots taken will make the company fire back. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are certainly unique, so it’s not like Google has nothing to rival Apple and the iPhone X with.