apple beats leak

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that Apple acquired Beats because he was blown away by the company’s curated music subscription service and because he saw potential in not only Beats Music, but also the popular line of headphones. Now it looks like Apple is prepared to offer support for Beats products, according to an alleged leaked screenshot published by Techingreek earlier today.

The notice confirms that Apple will take over customer service for “Beats Electronics and accessories,” which presumably includes all headphones, accessories and speakers sold directly by Apple and its retail partners. Cupertino is also apparently sending out updated contracts to partners who stock Beats, presumably to fill each in on how the support system will work moving forward.

This news comes as Apple prepares to remove all Bose products from its stores, in a likely effort to push Beats products to its customers. Now it appears those customers will be able to go right to Apple for support, too.