What iPhone 5 and iOS Needs To Win Against Android (Angry Android)An internal Apple study, cited as evidence in the Apple v. Samsung trial on Monday, found that a large figure of Android's most faithful users stuck by the platform merely to stick with their current carrier. Sounds to me like a roundabout way to admit that, yes, there are people who prefer Android over the iPhone and why nearly 50 percent of people surveyed chose handsets running Google's OS.

Conducted in 2010, the data found that, in addition to the 48 percent of those polled who wanted to stay with their current wireless provider, 36 percent "trust" the Google brand, while 30 percent preferred a device with a screen that's larger than the 3.5-inch one offered by the iPhone.

Samsung apparently highlighted the study to show "some reasons people bought its smartphones that are distinct from Apple's claim that customers simply confused them with the iPhone," CNET reported.

For the most part, Apple's data just shows that the company is curious as to why someone would choose Android over iOS, and what type of feature consumers look for in a new handset. 30 percent said bigger screen and, um, that's exactly what it looks like Apple is doing with the iPhone 5.

[via CNET]