The legal paperwork continues to fly and keeps our lawyer friends in business this week as Apple is suing Motorola for infringing on patents related to multitouch, as well as other technologies that are incorporated in their smartphone offerings(read the entire lawsuit details here). This is almost amusing considering Motorola had filed suits against Apple earlier in the month.

ae464b30cda-logo-450x321Apple has filed two suits in the US District Court, in of all places Wisconsin; which seems odd to me in itself considering Wisconsin is quite a ways from Cupertino. If anyone has any idea why Wisconsin please let me know. I digress, Apple has alleged Motorola has infringed on up to six patents dealing with how users interact with their mobile device. Devices include the popular Motorola handsets Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X.  These three handsets have arguably been credited with saving the company from past irrelevance in the mobile phone industry.

To no one’s surprise Motorola has said it will contest the lawsuits, and the spitting match between the two manufacturers continues. Frankly, the legal paperwork from mobile handset makers must be piling up pretty high as in the last year alone there have seen numerous suits filed. These lawsuits include Apple vs HTC (twice), HTC vs Apple, Motorola vs Apple, Apple vs Motorola, Microsoft vs Motorola, Microsoft vs HTC, just to name a few off the top of my head.

One thing for sure, in the continuing down economy the legal departments of all these mobile phone makers sure won’t have to worry about the dreaded layoff anytime soon. Imagine if all the money that was spent on these legal proceedings was put into research and development what type of technologies we would be carrying in our pockets. On the other hand, imagine how much less our favorite handsets would cost considering the consumer is actually subsidizing all this bickering.

Are you tired of all the lawsuits back and forth? Don’t you think they could all just get along? Let me hear your rants below.