Love them or hate them, there’s little doubt that Apple takes pride in the look and utility of its retail locations. And for those of us who enjoy tooling around in them, it looks like we may have a treat in store for us.

There’s an unconfirmed report, courtesy of an unidentified 9to5Mac source, that “Apple Store 2.0″ is on the way, and it’s helmed by none other than CEO Steve Jobs and design honcho Jony Ive themselves. The company takes the planning, layouts and design of its brick-and-mortar outlets seriously — last year, it even trademarked its store design aesthetic — and if this rumor is true, it could be taking its consumer shopping experience to the next level. The timing would make sense. Apple’s 10th retail anniversary is tomorrow, so why not plan something big to mark the occasion around this time? (Could this be what the company was planning to unveil, and not some rumored product launch, after all?)

A personal setup service is already expected to launch, and Apple Store 2.0 may even carve out specific in-store areas called “Startup Sessions.” Among other improvements are a new, more interactive Genius Bar, the use of iPads instead of cardboard/paper signage, and some locations will get souped-up audio systems and ginormous displays.

The company is even said to be prepping a new and also more interactive Apple Store app. Presumably, the app — which is rumored to launch as soon as this Sunday — would be able to geo-locate the user, so it knows which store s/he is in, and can even beckon a sales rep for assistance.

Other tipsters report that some interesting boxes have arrived on location today, possibly for interior or window displays. Either way, they’re marked only for the eyes of each store’s visual manager.

If you could redesign the Apple Store to your liking, what would it look like? And what type of fantasy features would you love the Apple Store app v2 to have? Weigh in below.

[via 9to5Mac]