Latin America is a key growth market for mobile. We know other firms such as Motorola have put a specific focus on Latin America, with devices such as the Moto G, in an effort to attract new smartphone buyers. Knowing this – and knowing the growth potential for tech in general, Apple has opened its first Apple Store location in Brazil in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Apple's brand is popular in Brazil, The Los Angeles Times said, though like in other parts of the world its products are often too expensive for consumers. As a result, Apple's market share is around nine percent, far below Samsung's commanding share of more than 40 percent. Still, Brazlians already know the brand, The Los Angeles Times said more than 1,700 people arrived at the Apple Store for its grand opening, and the store will only help it grow.

Apple may choose to offer products at lower prices in Brazil to boost its market share. We saw it reintroduce the iPhone 4 in India at a lower cost, and it's possible Apple will do the same in Latin America. We suspect this is just the start of Apple's approach to the market – we'll see after a bit of time if having a retail location helps increase its share in Brazil.