You need to play by Apple’s rules if you want to sell accessories in the Apple Store. Now, according to new information, it appears that Apple is making those rules even stricter, attempting to extend its iron grip on accessory makers to even influence the packaging of the products sold through Apple Store locations.

9to5Mac said that Apple has been working with third-party firms such as Mophie, Life Proof and Logitech to help them redesign their boxes so that they look more like Apple’s packaging. There’s some benefit to consumers here: Apple apparently wants higher quality materials used in the packaging and wants compatibility listings to be clearer. Otherwise, though, it’s Apple’s attempt to make everything more uniform.

We understand where Apple is coming from — its stores are often mimicked by other firms due to their clean look and inviting interiors — but can you imagine another store telling product makers what their packaging needs to look like? It seems so bizarre.

New packaging of third party products is reportedly already appearing in the 5th Avenue Apple Store, among other locations, with a wider rollout expected this month.