Apple just released a new Apple Store app specifically designed for the iPad and it’s available in time for what the company expects to be a very busy holiday shopping season. Apple clearly put a lot of work into the new app, and it shows with enhanced gesture-based controls and a UI that’s all about big beautiful images.

iPhone users have had access to the Apple Store app for a while now, but the new iPad version has been customized to take advantage of its increased screen real estate while also nodding to iOS 7‘s minimal design. The main focus here is the images, displayed in high resolution even when you zoom in, and accompanied by little more than their name and a “Buy now” button.

Navigating through the app is simple and intuitive as well. A menu across the top of the screen separates the Apple Store into categories (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Retail Store). Click on a product category and you’ll see a list of different devices and as you check off different options the price will change while relevant information pops up on-screen. The entire experience is extremely similar to the browser-based Apple store we all know, but at the same time perfectly optimized for your tablet.

We won’t be surprised to see other online retailers from Google’s Play Store to Amazon and eBay redesigning their tablet apps with a little inspiration taken from the new Apple Store app in the near future. If you own an iPad you can download the free app via the source link below and start shopping immediately.