apple store china

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spent a few days touring India, but apparently that wasn't enough to win over government officials. Reuters reports that the company's application to open an Apple Store in the country has been rejected, citing an anonymous senior government official.

India puts a strong emphasis on locally made products, and all retailers are legally required to stock their stores with at least 30 percent Indian goods. The government added an exemption to that law last year for high-tech companies, which is what prompted Apple's application. However, it sounds like Cupertino failed to make a strong enough case.

"They did ask for a waiver but didn't provide any material on record to justify it," the source told Reuters. "The decision was taken only after a thorough examination of their application."

Apple is making a strong push in India with plans to open three stores in the country before the end of next year. The company is also set to start assembling iPhones in India at a new $10 billion Foxconn plant, which may help smooth things out with the government. A company spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.