Apple Store Sales

Apple is under fire again, this time thanks to two former Apple Store employees who have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation for frequent bag searches that were conducted off-the-clockReuters reports. The plaintiffs argue that these searches, which allegedly included waiting in line for five to 10 minutes, should be viewed as overtime.

“This work, done primarily for the employer’s benefit, is time which Apple hourly employees should be, but are not compensated for, both straight hours and overtime hours worked in excess of 40 hours a week,” the lawsuit reads.

The suit, which was filed in San Francisco but covers time spent working at Apple Stores across the country, describes regular bag searches or “screenings,” which were conducted whenever a sales representative left the store in an effort to discourage and catch property theft. The lawsuit seeks class-action status for all current and former Apple employees, though it may only cover retail outlets within the United States, leaving out workers at over 400 stores around the world.