An alleged bomb scare at an Apple Store in Sydney forced the store to close for part of the day on Friday. Business Insider Australia said the store was closed for police activity and onlookers spotted a bomb-sniffing dog entering the store.

Employees who worked at the store were also reportedly heard chattering about a “bomb scare,” according to Daily Mail. Nobody has officially confirmed those claims, however, so it’s possible the store was closed for any number of reasons. Apple Store locations, for example, have been a huge target for theft recently.

All clear

Daily Mail said that authorities were on site at the store, located at King and George streets, from between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. until the store was cleared to re-open.

It’s still unclear what caused the scare and police have reportedly been reluctant to answer any questions. My guess is we won’t hear any more on the matter. The good news is that everyone is safe.