Apple iOS 6 Maps

We were expecting big things from Apple Maps at WWDC 2014, including public transportation directions and more points of interest. Instead, the app was barely mentioned during Apple's keynote presentation, and now a report from TechCrunch claims to reveal why the company can't seem to fix Apple Maps once and for all.

Citing an anonymous insider, TechCrunch reports that Apple is struggling to retain its developers and keep its managers on track. "Mostly it was failure of project managers and engineering project managers, tasks were very badly planned, developers had to switch multiple times from project to project," the source says. Another source adds that "multiple improvements" planned for iOS 8 were also delayed for the same reasons.

Ever since Apple Maps' disastrous launch it's been an glaring issue for the company, which actually issued an apology for the first version that hit the market. Following a number of high-profile acquisitions, including HopStop, Embark and BroadMap, we expected to see a much-improved version of Apple Maps arrive with iOS 8. Instead all we were promised was better maps for China and indoor positioning.

Hopefully we'll get those missing Apple Maps improvements in a not-too-distant iOS 8 update, especially since Apple's buying spree has continued, most recently with a company called Spotsetter that provides social exploration. It's even possible the company is saving some of its new mobile features for the upcoming iPhone 6 announcement later this year. Given Apple's recent track record though, it could be a while before you're able to use the company's Maps app to figure out your bus route.