millward brown

Apple and Google don’t just fight over mobile users with Android and iOS, or computer users with OS X Yosemite and Chrome OS. The two companies also compete over brand value and, according to a new BrandZ report from Millward Brown, Apple is now once again the world’s most valuable brand. It stole the crown from Google.

Millward Brown values the Apple brand at $247 billion, ahead of Google’s brand value of $173 billion. The firm said the launch of the iPhone 6 helped propel Apple’s brand value this year by 67 percent, outpacing Google’s brand value increase of 9 percent. It seems, at least to us, that the phone’s deployment in China also probably helped brand value.

Microsoft, IBM and Visa filled out the rest of the top five slots. The list also includes well known brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Amazon, and new entrants such as Alibaba and Facebook.

You can check out the full Millward Brown BrandZ PDF in the source below, which lists the top 100 brands.