When Google bought Nest back in January, we wondered if the company’s line of smart thermostats would be booted from the Apple Store. Almost a year later you can still buy a Nest from Apple, but now Cupertino is also selling a competing thermostat.

Apple recently added the ecobee3 to its lineup of connected home devices both online and through in-store pickup. The $250 thermostat claims to be even smarter than Nest for the same price thanks to a network of up to 32 small sensors you can setup throughout the house. Each remote sensor will measure the temperature and record when you leave or enter the room, which allows the ecobee3 to accurately control the heating throughout your entire home.

Ecobee3 learns more as you use it, and promises to help conserve energy by as much as 23 percent. It also lets you control the temperature from your phone or tablet with an official app, and if you are home you can tweak the temperature using a built-in 3.5-inch full-color touchscreen.

The ecobee3 comes with one free sensor, though you’ll have to spend a bit more to build out the system. Apple isn’t selling extra remote sensors online, though you can always buy them straight from ecobee, which offers a two-pack for $79.