Maybe it's just me — and the creators of South Park, which really had an episode on this very topic — but freemium games really grind my gears. I've played plenty of them, including Candy Crush Saga, and I just can't get on board with the ones that almost require you to pay to play and to advance. Thankfully, Apple's currently promoting premium games over those titles.

The company recently made some tweaks to its App Store where you'll find a section under the title: "Pay once and Play" and with the description: "Great games with no in-app purchases." Perhaps Apple is noticing that folks like to pay for a premium game that includes everything from the get-go? I know I certainly prefer that method.

Apple highlights include Threes, Blek, Goblin SwordBean Dreams, Gun Brick, Space Marshals and Minecraft – Pocket Edition as some of the titles you can choose from, though there are plenty of other titles worth digging into. Might I recommend Space Marshals? Head to the Apple Store for a full list of these pay once titles.