Apple typically sticks by its prices, especially in its retail stores where you might have a tough time telling an employee you can find a particular product elsewhere for cheaper. That's starting to change according to a new report from MacRumors. Apparently some Apple Store locations, it's not apparent how many just yet, are beginning to price match some products in its iPad, iPhone and Mac families.

Apple won't dip too far down on its price, so it won't match every deal, but MacRumors says it has learned from at least one employee that Apple Store "specialists" can price match a product so long as the final cost doesn't dip below a 10 percent deal. In other words, Apple might be able to price match a 10-percent off deal on a $399 iPad, but it won't just knock $100 off the cost just because some other retailer might be doing so. MacRumors says that policies vary depending on the Apple Store location, but that there's now an official policy in place that allows specific employees to approve the deals.

Price matching also applies to some accessories, up to 20 percent off. MacRumors said that Apple won't crack for some products, though. You won't find the company matching a competitor's price for the iPad mini with Retina display or the iPhone 5s, for example.