Apple Special Event sign outside California Theater

Apple has begun its preparations at San Jose’s California Theater ahead of Tuesday’s iPad mini announcement. The Cupertino company has erected a number of eye-catching posters, which match the brightly colored event invitations it sent out to the press last Tuesday.

As opposed to big banners sprawled across the front of the building, Apple has chosen to keep its decorations subtle for this event; it’s currently utilizing the poster frames that sit on the walls outside the theater instead. The sign above the entrance of the theater reads “Apple Special Event.”

The posters themselves, however, aren’t so subtle. Colored in bright blues, reds, and greens, they’ve led some fans to believe that the iPad mini will be available in a number of different colors — like the new iPod touch.

Apple iPad mini posters at California Theater

Apple hasn’t held an event at the California Theater for seven years, since Steve Jobs announced the first iPod capable of playing video, and introduced TV shows to the iTunes Store. The company traditionally holds its events at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center, and occasionally at the Town Hall Auditorium on its campus.

Are you excited for Tuesday’s event?

[Source: Techie Buzz | Via: Cult of Mac]