Beats Solo2

Either Apple is getting more strict in general or the company is pleasing its new music partners at Beats by getting rid of certain applications in the iTunes App Store.

According to MacRumors, Apple is starting to pull apps that let you stream and download music from file sharing sites illegally. Obviously these sort of applications not only compete directly with what Apple prefers you to use – more legitimate services like iTunes Radio and Beats Music, of course – but allowing them to exist might also rub execs in the music industry the wrong way. If Apple wants to soon offer a streaming service that can take on Spotify and Pandora head-on, it will need those music executives on its side.

MacRumors also suggested that Apple might just be getting rid of the applications to help make it easier to find higher quality applications in iOS 8, which allows you to search the iTunes App Store directly from Spotlight. We're willing to bet it's more political, though, and is more of a sign that Apple is fighting to cut down on music piracy as much as possible now that it owns Beats.