Apple’s new spaceship campus is coming together even quicker than expected. New aerial footage of the construction site from AppleInsider reveals how rapidly things are progressing at the company’s future headquarters.

The ring-shaped office at the center of Apple’s new campus is still in the early stages of construction and you can see it stating to take form. You can also see the first signs of tunnels that will connect the glass-covered ring to a pair of four-story parking garages with solar panels on top.

Apple’s new auditorium is also taking shape. The nearby underground structure will seat 1,000 people. For now it’s just a hole in the ground. but the final design includes a sleek glass entrance above ground leading down to the 120,000 square foot structure.

The company could be moved into the new space by late 2016, though there’s still plenty of work left to do. The entire office complex needs to be built, and trees need to be planted across the large campus and within the inner ring.

The entire project is expected to cost roughly $5 billion. It will eventually serve as a final testament to Steve Jobs, who helped design the new campus and unveiled the plans shortly before his death in 2011.