Apple’s new headquarters won’t be finished until at least late 2016, but this week the company gave one reporter a detailed tour of the construction site. A handful of photos from KQED offers the first official behind-the-scenes look at progress on the spaceship-shaped campus, along with a few interesting details from the building process.

Once complete, the new structure will house 15,000 employees with offices for research and development, dining areas, a theater and lots of nature, and Apple is actually bringing in thousands of fully grown trees to create an instant wooded look. The building itself features a continuous ring of glass windows around the outside and a big open green space in the center.

The campus is also environmental in both construction and design, using recycled water for the toilets and solar power for some of the facilities. The company is even incorporating materials from the buildings that used to stand on the property before they were demolished to make way for the futuristic new structure.

Apple has faced some criticism for designing an isolated structure. The entire thing is shielded from the rest of the area by trees, and a second wooded area behind the building’s walls will likely be closed off to visitors entirely. Still, it’s hard to argue with the beautiful design the company is working off of, and we can’t wait to see the final result.