The iPhone sure stole the show, occupying a hefty majority of the keynote’s focus.That wasn’t the only thing Apple released yesterday.After retracting a premature press release for Safari 5 made its way across the internet, Apple pushed the update live yesterday evening with several welcome additions.

Riding the HTML5 bandwagon they’re more than vocal about, Apple added in support for several more HTML5 features that include full-screen video, closed captions, and geolocation.As always, there’s a few mandatory speed upgrades to the browser’s “Nitro Engine” that should make rendering pages either magical or blazingly fast.As announced for the iPhone, Bing gets a spot in the search options alongside Google and Yahoo.Safari 5 brings the ability to install custom browser extensions using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.Later this summer, Apple will open a Safari Extensions Gallery so you can find and install browser extensions.Last but certainly not least, Safari Reader removes the noise from an article, presenting you with nothing but the story.


All these add-ons are pretty nifty so be sure to download Safari 5 and give it a go.Don’t forget to let us know which feature is your favorite!