Apple probably won't be out of the courtroom any time soon. A new lawsuit was filed against the Cupertino-based company in Germany recently by a firm named IPCom GmbH.

According to The Wall Street Journal, IPCom alleges that Apple has infringed on patents related to cell phone technology that allows a phone call placed to 911, for example, to take priority over other calls on the same cell network. Apparently IPCom bought a patent that describes similar technology back in 2007, the year the iPhone was launched, and it wants $2.12 billion from Apple in damages.

Apple isn't the first firm targeted by IPCom. The Wall Street Journal said that Nokia has already spent time in court fighting the firm. Meanwhile, Apple and its competitors have tried to get the European Patent Office to "declare the patent invalid," though so far those attempts have been unsuccessful. The problem with firms like IPCom is that they own patents but don't actually ever do anything with them. That means they prevent other companies, like Apple, Samsung or Motorola, from actually being innovative. Instead, they sit on the sidelines with the patents and then sue companies when the tech is put into practice.

Hopefully Apple — and others — are able to walk away unscathed.