Apple Siri iPhone 4S

Apple is actively looking for someone to ramp up Siri's elegance and implementation, but not just on iOS, according to Apple Insider. A job posting shows that apple is seeking someone to "join the team that implements the UI for Siri," particularly regarding the way the voice assistant displays conversations. And there are hints the job listing wants someone with OS X knowledge, meaning we could see Siri jump over to the Mac platform.

In addition to requirements like developing ways applications or services interact with Siri in a familiar UI, the job listing seeks someone with knowledge of Apple APIs on both mobile and desktop. Macs have already received dictation functionality, so perhaps a full fledged Siri is on the way. Considering how present she is in the rest of Apple's lineup, it would make sense to see her appear later this year. Maybe in OS X 10.9?

And this isn't just going to be a simple port over from iOS. The job listing "specifically describes a major expansion of Siri features in working with new apps to deliver a natural voice interface," Apple Insider said. In other words, Apple wants Siri for Mac to play nice with all (or many) of Apple's core OS X apps.

Siri just recently gained the ability to buy movie tickets in iOS 6.1. When iOS 7 rolls around later this year, I wonder what she'll be doing for us next?