Apple's currently being sued by a company that believes Apple copied its technology to build Siri. Agence France Presse said Apple met on Wednesday with Zhizhen Network Technology Co., a firm based in Shanghai that has its own voice engine called Xiao i Robot.

Apple's Siri has been a famous mobile voice tool since it was first introduced on the iPhone 4S a few years ago, but Zhizen Network Technology says it invented the software that powers Xiao i Robot in 2004. Unlike Siri, however, Zhizen's Xiao i Robot software is cross platform and can be used on either iOS-powered device or those powered by Android, Agence France Press said. It's unclear what part of Siri is apparently in infringement, however, especially since competing firms such as Samsung and Google offer similar products.

The company isn't asking for a monetary award from Apple yet, but it is asking courts to ban Apple products it be found guilty of infringement.