What you need to know

  • Apple is highlighting some very cute customized AirPods in its latest ad.
  • The video ad was posted on its Korean YouTube channel.
  • It shows off AirPods with unique cases, odd-looking skins and impressive paint jobs.

Since their announcement in 2016, AirPods have become Apple's must-have gadget. Unfortunately, during that time, Apple has never wavered from the all-white look that is kind of boring. Nevertheless, that isn't stopping users from putting their own spin on their AirPods, and it seems Apple loves it.

Apple is highlighting multiple customized AirPods in a new Korean ad. Normally, the all-white AirPods don't necessarily stand apart aside from being these magical little earbuds. But with a certain level of customization, they can become something else entirely.

Among the notable AirPods highlighted in the video is a pair adorned with a dark graffiti pattern, a pair with a see-through case with a simple yet beautiful drawing, and multiple pairs with really cute knitted cases of a cactus, octopus, and a whale.

The only limit to the level of customization is your imagination.

Apple has normally opted to offer its products that all look very much alike (aside from a few exceptions), but it has also embraced customization. From the sticker-laden MacBooks we see in its ads to the sheer number of cases offered for the iPhone, customization is a part of the Apple experience. The AirPods are no different.

Check out the video above. It's really fun looking at all the different AirPods.