Following the launch of iPad Pro, Apple has rolled out two new featured sections in the App Store dedicated to “amazing apps” and “great games” that are optimized for the new device. The company highlights apps compatible with Apple Pencil, and games with glorious graphics.

As you might expect, many of the apps Apple has chosen are creativity apps built for designing, drawing and things of that nature — such as Procreate, uMake, and Paper. Lots of productivity apps are included, too, including Microsoft’s Office suite, Evernote and Notability.

“Creativity and performance soar when you pair great apps with iPad Pro,” Apple says. “We’ve compiled some of our favorites that take advantage of its expansive Retina display and astounding performance. On iPad Pro, everything from drawing to multitasking to watching videos is a stunning experience.”

In its “great games” section, Apple has split up its picks into subsections like “gorgeous games” and “fantastic sounds.” Some of the titles picked include Shadowmatic, Geometry Wars 3, The Room Three, Alto’s Adventure, Lumino City and Broken Age.

If you’ve already picked up your iPad Pro and you want to find awesome apps and games that take advantage of the giant display and powerful specifications, be sure to start with Apple’s new App Store featured sections. You’ll find them by opening up the App Store and looking out for the banners.