Apple and Samsung remain at odds behind a sales ban request against the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1. A recent document has been unearthed detailing Apple's aggressive approach towards retailers carrying both products. According to Samsung, multiple retailers have received letters ordering them to refrain from selling the two devices.

These letters were issued in late June and early July before the ban against the Galaxy Nexus was lifted. The letter from Apple alleges the order "applies not only to the named Samsung entities, but also to anyone 'acting in concert' with them. Apple thus believes that the order extends to you." The letter goes on to detail specific acts that are believed to be out of compliance with the ruling (e.g., importing, offering to sell, or selling within the United States).

According to Samsung, Apple's letters overreaches the ban by claiming that third-party retailers are subject to court's order. While the Galaxy Nexus ban has been temporarily lifted, Apple's claim could possibly apply to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, it doesn't appear that retailers are being moved by Apple's request. Retailer Sam's Club told The Verge that it was looking into the court's order to determine if it would have any possible impact on the company.

[via: The Verge, Foss Patents]