The public won't get its hands on OS X Yosemite until later this fall, but developers are already getting their second taste of what the software has to offer. Apple on Tuesday sent out an update for the Developer Preview, likely adding some much needed bug fixes and enhancements. A full list of what works and what doesn't hasn't yet been revealed, but much of that information will likely hit throughout the day and week.

Yosemite offers a number of improvements over previous versions of OS X, including an improved interface, better Spotlight, iCloud, and some really great continuity features. (Those continuity features, by the way, might not be available to all Apple users.)

We already got our hands on the first developer preview, and loved what it had to offer. Of course, it wasn't the full version Apple promised on stage earlier this month, but promising times appear to be ahead for the Cupertino company. When Apple does release Yosemite, it will be available for free to users, just like Mavericks was last year.