Mac OS - Mountain Lion - 003The remaining bricks are being laid as Apple works toward its goal of releasing OS X Mountain Lion in July. According to MacRumors, the Golden Master (GM) was seeded to developers on Monday, which essentially means the software is nearly final and on the cusp of seeing a public release.

Revealed in February to the surprise of many, Mountain Lion further takes features in iOS and brings them to the desktop: Messages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center and more. Additionally, Apple unveiled even more features at WWDC, such as Power Nap and iCloud Tabs, two features we're particularly excited to test out.

In all, Apple is touting 200 new features in the $19.99 upgrade, so there will certainly be plenty to go over when it hits later this month. With the GM in the wild, it's only a matter days before it hits consumer hands.

[via MacRumors]