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New comScore data suggests Apple is currently the top OEM in the U.S., far above second place Samsung. Android still retains the top spot among mobile operating systems, though, at 51.6-percent overall, trumping any and all challengers; Apple's iOS is currently second at almost 41-percent, while Microsoft's mobile platform comes in at fourth, behind BlackBerry. However, Android did fall slightly over the last three months, while Apple's marketshare has grown one point change.

Recent data claimed Apple's iPhone 5s has already become the top selling device among U.S. carriers, which is really no surprise considering the Cupertino company announced 9 million unit sales (iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c) over launch weekend. ComScore's latest data actually ends in August, so Apple's figures aren't even factored in; Samsung's Note 3, too, which is slowly launching this month, will also likely add to Samsung's share of the market. HTC currently has 7.4-percent (third behind Samsung), with Motorola at number four; LG is number five.