HTC One VS Apple iPhone 5-Rear-Camera

HTC is already struggling to compete against Samsung in the Android market, but now the Taiwanese company may be under attack from another tech rival: Apple. The Cupertino company is reportedly poaching engineers away from HTC and other competitors in an effort to speed up its own manufacturing process, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple has reportedly reached out to individual engineers at rival companies in its poaching efforts, though it’s unclear exactly how many employees have accepted the iPhone-maker’s offers. New hires are apparently set to work on new iPhone and iPad components, rather than any new product lines. It also seems possible the new hiring push could be focused on improving questionable factory conditions in China.

Apple could be gearing up to increase its product cycle, though in general the company has stuck to its strategy of refreshing its most popular devices on a yearly basis. Then again, the iPhone 5s launch was marred with shortages, and with at least one bigger iPhone expected later this year Apple may be gearing up for its most ambitious release yet.