Apple's sapphire glass plant in Mesa, Arizona looks set to begin production this month, and it should have enough capacity to cover both versions of the iPhone 6 and iWatch this year according to one report.

Matt Margolis of Seeking Alpha has done some supply chain checks, and what he found is a sapphire glass facility with an enormous capacity. According to his findings, the facility has over 2,5000 glass furnaces and should have the capacity to produce enough sapphire glass for 200 million screens this year with production even starting halfway through.

As to what Apple will do with all of these screens, Margolis feels it will be enough material to cover the projected production runs of the rumored 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models as well as the endlessly speculated upon iWatch.

All of this is of course unconfirmed at this point beyond the fact that Apple is indeed getting into the sapphire glass production business. Exactly how many panels it can produce in a given year and what their final use will be is all still up for grabs. With how much Apple is investing in this venture, however, it does seem safe to speculate that it will be making its way to the company's products in the near future.

Apple is expected to introduce new products in both September and October of this year, so we only have a few months to wait until we find out for sure what the company's plan is.