Death, taxes and Apple vs. Samsung are three absolute certainties in life—when you think we've reached the end, everything starts right back up between the two companies. On Tuesday, the now infamous ruling between Apple and Samsung was reexamined by Judge Lucy Koh, and Samsung was found not to have "willfully" copied Apple.

This doesn't mean Samsung is off the hook for $1 billion, however. The jury initially ruled the Korean company's infringement was willful, which could have increased the preliminary fine. Samsung challenged the jury's ruling, saying whatever transpired wasn't intentional, and Judge Koh concurred.

Samsung's argument was that it thought Apple's patents were invalid, so even though the company did infringe, it didn't do so on purpose. "In other words, [Koh] believed Samsung went into the whole situation with a reasonable belief that it wasn't in the wrong," The Verge said.

Koh could reduce the overall $1 billion Samsung owes, but hasn't said anything yet. Just when you think this one is done and buried, it rears its ugly head once again. This probably isn't the end. It'll outlast us all.