Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Apple iPhone 5-Camera

Apple and Samsung have reportedly held private meetings in an attempt to come to terms over its numerous patent disputes. According to sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal, the two companies met face-to-face as far back as last December—a settlement was nearly agreed upon earlier this year, but talks apparently broke down. It's unclear if a settlement is imminent, though Apple and Samsung are having ongoing conversations.

Samsung has allegedly proposed a cross-licensing deal that would essentially end the innumerable litigation battles currently going on between the two—sources didn't indicate whether Apple would go for such a deal. The two have a love-hate relationship, and Apple has worked to eliminate its reliance on Samsung as a parts supplier over the past several months, though the need still remains.

Perhaps the largest battle between Apple and Samsung took place last year, when Apple was awarded a hefty sum after the Korean company was found guilty for infringing patents. The case is still in limbo, as are a number of other outstanding suits across the globe. Samsung won an order this June that could ban the import of older Apple iPhones and iPads, though that one hasn't yet been finalized either.

A 161-page ITC document chronicles the talks held by Apple and Samsung, mostly between January and March of this year, until negotiations broke down for reasons that have been redacted. At one point, a "memorandum of understanding" made it up into the hierarchies of each company, though neither accepted the terms. Apple did once approach Samsung offering to license its patents, but Samsung declined—that was back in 2010.

While both parties have held positive talks, it doesn't seem like either is willing to agree to terms, and it's unlikely that will change anytime soon. If that's the case, we can expect the never ending battle to wage for a long, long time to come.