According to a recent report by comScore, Apple has gained marketshare in the most recent measurable quarter (ending in February 2013) in the U.S. smartphone market. As of February, Apple’s iPhones currently account for 38.9-percent of the all smartphone subscribers followed by Samsung reporting 21.3-percent, both companies showed growth from the previous quarter, adding 3.9 and 1.0-percent of all marketshare, respectively. Apple and Samsung’s growth appears to have come at the cost of HTC, Motorola and LG, each reporting declines in subscriber marketshare.


On the mobile platform side, Google/Android saw a slight decline in marketshare of 2.0-percent while Apple saw a slight uptick of 3.9-percent from the previous quarter. BlackBerry though saw a 1.9-percent drop in total marketshare. We can likely see this marketshare revert to positive figures with the release of BlackBerry 10, Z10, and Q10 hitting markets.


Interestingly though, we recently ran a poll to gauge our audience’s mobile platform usage and our figures weren’t too far off from comScore’s figures.

All in all, these figures really wont mean much to most consumers as long as their smartphone devices work well enough. In fact, the growth of these results should come with a disclaimer since subscriber numbers tend to correlate to a product cycle and rely quite heavily on when a product is released in relation to the lastest survey.

It is interesting though to see Microsoft make steady gains in marketshare and whether or not BlackBerry 10 will make any waves for BlackBerry in the smartphone industry. If we were to forecast trends between BlackBerry and Microsoft we could potentially see these two companies switch places in next quarter’s results.