Just a few days ago we reported on a story that suggested Apple might have a major recall on its hands. The gist of it was that the NAND flash and IC controller inside of some models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, particularly those with more storage than entry-level options, weren’t performing up to snuff. As a result, the phones were prone to crashing. We’ve experienced this on our end with the iPhone 6 Plus, though a report from 9to5Mac quickly debunked claims that a recall was in the works. Apple may still be working to fix the problem, however.

According to Business Korea, Apple has narrowed the issues down to the TLC NAND storage used in the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus and the 64GB iPhone 6 and has decided to stop using those parts, which the news outlet said were provided by Anobit and purchased by Apple three years ago. Business Korea said Apple will do its best to fix existing issues on models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that are affected by TLC NAND flash with an update in iOS 8.1.1 but that, moving forward, it will switch to MLC NAND flash storage, which is more expensive for Apple to deploy.

It still seems unlikely Apple will issue a major recall for the phones outfitted with TLC NAND flash storage, but perhaps it will allow affected consumers to swap out their phones if it does indeed switch the storage option to something more stable.