Google Reader Alternatives - Flipboard on iPhone - WM

Apple will reportedly ditch its Newsstand service in favor of a new experience similar to Flipboard. According to Re/code, the Cupertino company has plans to introduce the new product at WWDC this morning, with early partnerships lined up from ESPN, New York Times, Conde Nast and more.

Apple's Newsstand is an application that allows users to download and display digital newspapers and magazines, hence the newsstand name. Publishers, however, have reportedly been complaining about the service burying content, Re/code said. This new product will more prominently display content, and feature a more beautiful layout for mobile consumption.

Publishers will allegedly get 100-percent of the advertising they sell in the new app, while still being able to offer their own individual apps (which Apple would take a cut from). The new service comes after a move that saw Facebook introduce an instant articles feature, which allows publishers to directly distribute content directly through the social network. Facebook Instant Articles hasn't been updated since its debut, though, so that might already be a flop.

We should hear more about Apple's Flipboard-Like product at WWDC.