Apple is already starting to make adjustments now that it has fully swallowed up Beats Electronics and its music service, Beats Music. It should already be serving Beats products and, if not, it soon will. Meanwhile, news on Wednesday suggests Apple's plans for the streaming Beats Music service.

The Financial Times said it has learned that Apple will soon bundle the subscription service into iOS, which means you should find the app pre-installed when you purchase a new iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It's unclear if Apple will keep the Beats Music branding, but recent reports have suggested it will re-launch the product with a new name and a new price that undercuts Spotify, perhaps even coming in at half the price.

Apple's plan is said to take effect sometime "early next year," The Financial Times explained. We suspect its launch may coincide with a new iteration of iOS – perhaps iOS 8.2, which was recently released in beta form with support for WatchKit.