Apple Watch Event 2015 Hands-On-9

Apple is preparing a new "Reserve and Pickup" system that will be available in time for the Apple Watch launch on April 24, according to sources familiar with its plans. The service is expected to be slightly different to the existing Personal Pickup system.

"The new system will allow potential Watch customers to reserve a desired case and band combination online, then try the specific Watch in-store before completing the purchase," claims 9to5Mac.

Watch is unlike any other Apple product, because the buying process isn't as simple as picking one of a few models depending on its specifications. Many will want to try the device on before they decide which size and band to get, or before committing to a purchase altogether.

Apple has already altered its pre-order process to accommodate this. Starting April 10, customers won't just be able to buy the device online before it starts shipping, but they'll also be able to visit a local Apple Store and try one on.

Of course, the only downside to this is that by the time you've visited an Apple Store and decided which Watch you want, initial stock will have likely already been snapped up, meaning you could be waiting several weeks to get your device.

But with "Reserve and Pickup," customers will be able to hold an Apple Watch they think they might want at their local store, then go and try it on before they actually hand over their cash. The existing Personal Pickup system requires you to pay for your items before you collect them.