Apple has been nearly radio silent on new hardware this year, only slightly changing its low-cost iPad to include Apple Pencil support in March. That is changing come this fall, as Apple is preparing to release a slew of new products.

In an investor’s note acquired by MacRumors, Kuo says Apple is planning to refresh most of its portfolio later this year. Much of what Kuo says has been previously reported, but it’s worth noting that the analyst has a very strong track record when it comes to Apple.

Among the updates Kuo says will be unveiled are the three new iPhone models, including the new iPhone X Plus and low-cost iPhone model with an LCD panel. He also mentions Apple will upgrade the MacBook Pro, MacBook and Mac mini with new processors.

The other product Kuo talked about that had been previously reported on is the iPad. The two iPad Pro models will see a redesign that will significantly reduce the bezels and exclude the home button in favor of gesture-based controls. This also means Touch ID will be replaced with Face ID.

The Apple Watch is expected to see a similar redesign with reduced bezels and enhanced heart rate detection features. According to Kuo, the new Apple Watch displays will measure in at 39.9mm and 45.2mm—signifying a big size increase for the current 38mm and 42mm models.

Kuo says the iMac will see a big display performance upgrade though he does not go into detail about what that might be. Given the iMac already has a high-res 5K display, Apple could very well introduce a screen with a higher refresh rate.

Last but not least, Kuo revealed Apple is working on a low-cost notebook that will be a part of the MacBook line. Rumors have persisted of a low-cost Apple notebook with Kuo previously saying it would be in the form of a MacBook Air. Now, he is saying it’ll be in the MacBook line though it’s unclear exactly what the specifications would be to put it at an affordable price range.

On another note, Kuo did update when he expects Apple to release the AirPods (with wireless charging case) and AirPower matt, which would be the third quarter of 2018.

Given the long list of products Kuo expects Apple to unveil this fall, it will likely be dispersed through two events. Apple could hold a September event to unveil its new iPhones and maybe another hardware event in October to unveil other products.