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Will the iPad rumors stop? Not anytime soon, it seems. We've heard dozens and dozens of whispers about the iPad 3 and new gossip just surfaced today.

According to iMore, Apple is prepping to release the highly anticipated follow-up to the iPad 2 on March 7th. Additionally, the website reiterates earlier reports that suggest the iPad 3 will be equipped with a quad-core A6 processor, a Retina Display and possible support for 4G LTE networks. None of this news is particularly fresh, aside from the launch date, however. We've already heard that the iPad may offer a quad-core CPU, most rumors have suggested that the tablet will indeed offer a Retina Display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution and an early March launch date was recently revealed by AllThingsD. It honestly sounds a bit like calling out a March 7th launch is just a shot in the dark.

These rumors really begin to overlap one another when a product nears its launch, however, so perhaps we're in for an imminent announcement from the Cupertino-based company. It does certainly appear that Apple's competitors will really need to make thunderous tablet announcements during Mobile World Congress or their voices may be drowned out by the iPad 3 announcement come March 7th.

Update: LoopInsight says it has confirmed the March 7th announcement.

[via MacRumors]