iPhone NFC paymentOnce again the rumors that Apple will be adding NFC (Near Field Communications) to the iPhone has reared its head, and this time it is squarely targeting 2012, or the iPhone 5 if you will.

According to DigiTimes, both Microsoft and Apple are looking to make their respective mobile operating systems support NFC technology in the new year.  Apparently the hold up hasn’t been anything that horrible, it has been more along the lines of making sure everyone could agree on a standard for the technology.  Even though it has meant a delay, I for one applaud this because the only real loser in a fight over a technology standard is the consumer.  (HD-DVD, anyone?)

NFC has had some trouble picking up momentum due to it only showing up here and there in handsets, but now that 45 manufacturers have placed their support in the SIM-based NFC promoted by the GSM Association, the industry has a much clearer direction of where it is headed, and now those that have held back can jump on board.  With this momentum, merchants will finally have an incentive to add the terminals to their stores and we could finally see this ball get rolling in earnest.

Are you excited for NFC to finally be on the verge of widespread acceptance?

[via DigiTimes]