Apple today rolled out a macOS update that addresses a bug that led to the 2018 MacBook Pro throttling controversy. The bug reportedly caused the new machines with the eighth generation six-core Intel processors to throttle without cause, curbing the computer’s maximum performance.

The new supplemental update (build number 17G2208) for macOS High Sierra 10.13.16 patches up the bug on all 2018 MacBook Pros with the eighth generation Intel processor.

Before Apple rolled out the update, various tech figures found the new MacBook Pro models were throttling when under a heavy workload. It was so bad, under specific tests, Apple’s newest MacBook Pros were being outperformed by the 2017 MacBook Pro with the i7 chip.

The story continued to gain traction throughout the weekend but now Apple is addressing the issue. According to Apple, the throttling issue was due to a missing digital key that led to the mismanagement of the thermal management system, driving down clock speeds.

Apple apologized to customers who experienced the throttling issue, saying things should now be fixed. Consumers who picked up a 2018 MacBook Pro can download the update through the App Store.