Apple Store iPhone

Apple will reportedly push pre-paid and month-to-month plans at its retail stores across the U.S., with the initiative reportedly kicking off sometime at the end of June. According to 9to5Mac, the company will immediately offer to connect customers to T-Mobile and AT&T plans once they pay full-price for an iPhone; Apple is allegedly grabbing pre-paid activation kits for AT&T, and will use existing T-Mobile SIM cards for consumers who choose that route.

As part of the new push, Apple sales staff will reportedly first recommend AT&T's $60 per month pre-paid plan as an option, which offers unlimited talk, text and over 2GB of data. Meanwhile, stores will also mention two separate plans from T-Mobile, including a $50 per month plan and $70 per month plan—both offer unlimited text and talk, with the data breaking down to 1GB and 5GB, respectively.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made it his mission to push more iPhone units out the door, and promptly connecting customers to wireless carriers certainly can't hurt. You'll need to purchase a the device outright, of course, but once you do it'll be activated right then and there with your new pre-paid or month-to-month plan. Sprint and Verizon customers, it seems, are being left out of the equation for now.

This fall, Apple is expected to introduce two new larger iPhones, one with a 4.7-inch display, and the other with a much bigger 5.5-inch screen. We've probably glimpsed more than our fair share of what the device looks like. But, of course, we won't know the final design until the devices are made official later this fall.