Apple OLED TV - Siri

Apple is reportedly already working with Asian suppliers in a bid to test out several of its TV designs, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said that the TV is an “intense area of interest” for Apple, but didn’t delve much deeper into whether or not the company was actually building a set. One source told the news outlet that the TV is still “in an early stage of testing” and that it isn’t a formal project yet, even though Apple has been building prototypes “for years.”

We think it’s bound to happen at some point. The late Steve Jobs suggested that he had discovered a way to change the living room, which immediately suggested that Apple was indeed ready to build its own TV. Analysts and pundits alike have suggested that the device will feature Siri integration and will break the current mold that’s focused on set top boxes and old, clunky remote controls.

The Wall Street Journal said Apple is working with Sharp for the display technology and Hon Hai for the manufacturing. Hon Hai currently builds Apple’s iPhone and iPad products.

And yes, despite all of this, there are still several people who don’t believe an Apple television set will ever happen.