apple-premium-resellerApple is reportedly requesting resellers in Europe to make its iPad the main focal point of displays this holiday season. According to MacRumors, the Cupertino company is imposing a Sept. 12 deadline, the same day as its rumored fall extravaganza, for adjustments to be made. Can we take this as indication the iPad mini is a legitimate product?

When you think about it, Apple’s request makes perfect sense. Once (if) the iPad mini is announced, the company will need to do everything it can to educate consumers on what it is and how it’s different from the iPad that’s out now. With the busy holiday period nearly upon us, it’s very important potential buyers have the opportunity to get hands-on time with the shrunken tab to better make an informed decision.

The products allegedly making way to display Apple’s new tablet darling are the Mac Pro, Mac mini and even iPods. MacRumors said the impending changes aren’t entirely clear, but it’s not difficult to surmise Apple’s plans. In addition, the company is allegedly preparing to introduce a tweaked version of its new iPad to accommodate the smaller 9-pin dock connector, so the extra space could be used for that as well.

[via MacRumors]