iPhone 4S Siri Demo

If you're an iPhone 4S owner, you're undoubtedly eager to get your hands on Apple's iOS 5.0.2 software update, which promises to fix the battery issues that have been plaguing early adopters since the device launched last month. A report published last week claimed that the fix would arrive this week, but according to the same source, it has now been put on hold.

This may not be a surprise to many of you, considering Apple hasn't even pushed an iOS 5.0.2 beta out to developers yet. But I'm sure it will come as a disappointment. I wasn't really expecting the update to drop so soon myself, but I'm still pretty frustrated that my iPhone 4S battery issues aren't fixed yet.

It's unclear at this point why the update is on hold. The only information we have from the source is that "the software needs more testing," but since it hasn't even been pushed out to developers yet, it looks like it's release is going to be a while away yet. In addition to fixing battery issues, the update will reportedly address problems with iCloud's Documents in the Cloud feature, and other minor bugs.

Apple has already released one update to address battery issues on the iPhone 4S — and other devices running the new iOS 5 firmware — but for many, the update simply made things worse, or introduced new problems that they previously hadn't experienced.

While we have no doubts that iOS 5.0.2 is on its way, its release date is still no clearer.

Are you fed up of waiting for an iPhone 4S battery fix?

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