Apple is said to be changing the way its popular AppleCare service works that could make it even more useful to its customers.

According to an unidentified Apple employee speaking to AppleInsider, the Cupertino based company held a meeting this past Thursday on its campus where it discussed numerous changes that will be coming to its AppleCare customer service plans. The first, and potentially biggest announcement was that the company will no longer automatically replace devices with a new one. Apple Stores will be receiving more training and parts over the next few months which will allow them do virtually all repairs in store, and that this will end up saving the company as much as $1 billion a year.

For those consumers that own multiple Apple devices, you will probably be most excited by the report that Apple is looking into rolling out a subscription service which will attach the product care to the customer as opposed to the devices. Supposedly this service would also include an "exclusive" support line that would be available 24/7, but apparently this feature is not yet finalized.

Finally, there are talks to increase the 90 day complimentary service to as long as a year. This isn't too surprising as Apple has been taking a lot of flak as of late around the world due to the short nature of its support windows.

While no firm dates were mentioned as to when these new plans might roll out, supposedly Apple is targeting this fall. This would make some sense as we're expecting a lot of new products at that time and it would also line up with the busy holiday shopping season. Hopefully details will be released soon.